What's special about  Gan Yisroel?

While the most amazing thing about our camp is the great campers, and the most important things we do every day are learn Torah, daven and do Mitzvohs, what sets us apart is........ 

Who are the campers?

Baruch Hashem over a hundred campers attended last summer, who during the school year attend all of the great yeshivas in our neighborhood.  If you live in Crown Heights and go to OT, ULY, DM, Ohr Menachem, GYY, Lamplighters, or Chok L'Yisroel, there is probably someone on your block or in your class who will be coming!

What were the trips last year?

 - Living Torah Museum (pictured at right)

 - Adventure amusement Park

 - Two over-night camping trip (with more than 20 fathers and 35 campers!)

 - Bike/scooter trips every week

 - Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

and many, many more.

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