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Thanks for your interest in Gan Yisroel of Crown Heights
We are accepting registrations for the summer of 5782 / 2022! 
Please call 917-743-2268 or email with any questions about the camp or to apply for a job.  Looking forward to an amazing summer!  

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Sports, trips, fun, crafts, contests, prizes, cooking, bikes and scooters

Dates: Julne 28 - August 18

432 Rutland Road

Lunch and Transportation Provided*

In our 9th Summer

Father & Son Camping Trips!


        Just wanted to send a quick note to give you some positive feedback on camp.  This has by FAR been Yehoshua's favorite summer camp.  He has had only positive things to say when he comes home every day, and he is having an absolute blast!  He is very high energy, so it's fantastic that he is entertained with all of the activities & outings each week.  He really likes both of his Rebbes, and I have seen a huge improvement in his eagerness to daven.  I've also noticed him talking about the Rebbe and Chassidus and Moshiach a lot more on his own at home...which we LOVE to hear, of course!

         Please pass along our appreciation to his teachers & counselors.  It's great to see a team of people who are investing so much heart & energy into our boys.

Blessings & Success!!
         Chaya Mushka Ben-Shabat

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